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Gerson Therapy

With its whole-body approach to healing, the Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself.

Health Session

This session will answer questions about the Gerson Therapy program, eligibility, cost estimates, duration, expectations or outcomes and more.

Lab Service

Done every 4-6 weeks, lab testing service is through DirectLabs, which is accessible nationwide.

Imaging Studies

Ultrasound, bone scan, x-ray, MRI and CT and PET/CT may be ordered if indicated. Or, a client’s physician may need to order tests prior to a visit.

Dr. Miven Donato, DPT, DC

Dr. Donato is a U.S. based Gerson Therapy consulting office that provides instruction, direction, supervision and monitoring of home Gerson Therapy clients world-wide.

Doctor Focus

Dr. Donato guides the home Gerson Therapy client by monthly adjustments of the protocol according to specific parameters obtained from the client’s visual presentation, constitution, vitals, anthropometric measurements and lab test results.


In today’s healthcare system, pain is treated as a disease rather than recognizing the symptom as a disease. In natural holistic health care pain is perceived as “cellular cries” for help. Dr. Donato’s main education objective is to provide full nutritional support for the body systems including mental and spiritual aspects while simultaneously detoxifying the body to enable self-healing mechanisms to take place.

Education Classes
Dr. Donato teaches classes in natural health, nutrition, diet and lifestyle changes in the community.

Community Education

Patient Activity



 Order Lab Work

Key Benefits of the Gerson Therapy

  • High intake of nutrients with organic foods and juices
  • Individualized supplements and schedule based on needs
  • Full body detoxification
  • Schedule that forces one to slow down and reduce stress
  • Rebuilding of the immune system at the cellular level
  • New appreciation for the body’s ability to heal itself
Gerson Therapy Mind Body Connection