The Gerson Therapy does not cure diseases, rather it restores the body’s immune system back to working order so that the normal defense system of the body along with improved health cures itself of the chronic disease.  The Gerson Therapy does not diagnose and treat diseases.  Diagnosis and treatment is a medical terminology that belongs to conventional healthcare philosophy.  But it is nice to know that a previously diagnosed disease condition responded favorably to the Gerson Therapy.

The Gerson Therapy is a nutritional metabolic therapy.  It runs on 4 fundamental “legs”:

  • 99 percent vegan diet
  • High quantities of fresh vegetable juices
  • Gerson supplements
  • Detoxification
Although the Gerson Therapy is an all-encompassing program that addresses all chronic disease cases with a few exceptions, nearly 70 percent of the cases I see are cancer-related, stages 1-4.  Cancer is by far the most challenging because the immune system is at its lowest state of health.  In order to defeat cancer naturally, the immune system must be returned to its optimal level of function.

Even though a client notices the beneficial changes in overall health almost immediately after starting the Gerson Therapy, it is necessary that a Gerson client stays on the strict program for at least 2 years.  After 2 years, certain previously prohibited foods are allowed but only on limited or occasional basis, in order to prevent any possible recurrence of cancer.

Yes.  If you are trying to do it yourself without any help and you are seriously ill or have an advanced stage cancer.

No.  If you have help in the preparation of your fresh juices, meals, supplements and coffee for the enemas.

The first month on the Gerson Therapy is probably the hardest since there is a big learning curve in following the specifically designed protocol.  After 3 months, the protocol becomes routine and you are already feeling the beneficial effects that the hardship pales in comparison.

Dr. Donato’s definition of vibrant health is an energizing, exciting, stimulating yet restful and peaceful assurance of mental, physical and spiritual soundness that can only come from following God’s original raw food lifestyle as described in the Bible in Genesis 1:29.

Protein is found in all plant foods.  Protein is necessary for the infrastructure of plant cells.  When following a plant-source-only diet, it is possible to consume too much protein.  The idea of “lack of protein” in a vegan diet is propaganda from industries and special interest groups that have financial interests in the investment as well as plain ignorance.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) promotes excessive protein intake, along with refined fats and refined carbohydrates.  Protein deficiency is uncommon in the American diet.
The influential power of the media and industries in the minds of people is evident when the question of calcium is raised during a discussion on plant-based diet.  It is assumed that dairy products provide the necessary calcium in the diet to maintain strong bones and teeth.  Millions of dollars are spent by industries to promote calcium containing products for the sake of monetary gain.  Pressure from special interest groups scare the public of chronic degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis.  The root cause of the problem is not a lack of dietary calcium but rather too much calcium lost in the urine due to the predominance of acid forming foods in the SAD.  Dark leafy greens are an excellent source of dietary calcium without the negative effect of acid formation.
Rapid weight loss occurs when people follow a high raw plant-based diet because the caloric intake is significantly reduced.  As long as the nutrient density in the diet is high and there is no interference in cellular uptake, the body is getting the necessary nourishment.  The rapid weight loss seen in people who reduce their caloric intake in the Standard American Diet (SAD) is usually due to decreasing meal sizes while at the same time following an exercise program.  The SAD does not supply the body with the high nutrient density food that is found in the high raw plant-based diet and can therefore lead to malnutrition besides rapid weight loss when food portions are reduced.  On the other hand, people following a high raw plant-based diet are eating more while losing weight.

However, if you are female, obese, have children, and over the age of 40, there is a risk for gallstone complication as a result of rapid weight loss.

Detoxification is a broad terminology even as it applies to nutritional therapy.  It encompasses the cellular removal, circulatory transportation, filtration and excretion of harmful toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, byproducts, and metabolic waste products) via the biliary system, urinary system, integumentary system, and respiratory system.  The main organ of detoxification is the liver.  When toxins reach the blood stream they go to the liver to be processed for excretion out of the body.  When the toxic load to the liver exceeds the removal rate by the liver, the toxins in the blood stream rises. which leads to the manifestation of the detoxification, cleansing, healing reaction, Herxheimer’s reaction or toxic reaction symptoms.  This clinical phenomena is especially observed in the Gerson Therapy.  The symptoms include migraines, appetite changes, mood changes, mental sluggishness, skin outbreaks, bowel inflammation, diarrhea, constipation, allergic reactions, inflammation of joints, muscle and tendons (worsening of arthritis), pain in sites of old injury or surgical sites, visual changes, edema, etc.  All these symptoms are easily labeled as an independent medical condition that need a specific medical treatment.  Yet all the symptoms were produced from simply making a significant change in the diet.  Especially when eating a higher amount of raw plant foods.  These detox effects are confusing to conventional medical professionals.  I used to be one of them.

If the detox symptoms are not properly managed and alleviated, then they can of themselves become severe enough to warrant a specific medical treatment, especially if the symptoms interfere with normal daily function or work.  That is why it is sometimes necessary to have a qualified nutritional health care provider to monitor and make appropriate adjustments to the diet.

A diet high in animal protein, high in animal fats, high in refined carbohydrates, high in processed foods, low in complex carbohydrates, and low in fiber.
In conventional healthcare, the acronym CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resusitation.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.  Here at the clinic CPR stands for Cooked, Processed, and Refined food, which comprises of the food in the Standard American Diet (SAD).  Eating the SAD places a person at high risk for heart disease and may actually become a recipient of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
Here at the clinic, we teach 5 steps to get your health back now:

  • STOP the toxins (acids) from entering the body
  • REMOVE the accumulated toxins (acids) within
  • EAT nutrient-dense, electron-rich, high pH foods
  • DRINK ionized, electron-rich water at 9.5 pH or more
  • LIFESTYLE change to nurture body, mind and spirit

pH is a measure of potential hydrogen ions.  The range is from 1-14.  7 is neutral.  The higher the pH value the more alkaline.  The lower the pH value the more acidic.  Ideal saliva and urine pH is 7.2 to 7.4.  The blood pH has a very narrow range from 7.35 to 7.45, which is strongly regulated by homeostatic mechanisms through the buffer systems.  The human body is designed to run on alkaline fuel while acid is generated as a waste product.  When the amount of waste products in the body exceeds the amount excreted from the body, health declines and diseases become manifested.  The evidence of declining health is demonstrated by decrease in saliva and urine pH in the absence of symptoms.  The pH is influenced by metabolism, diet, lifestyle and surrounding environment.

Many health care providers, medical researchers, and even alternative health care providers do not understand the concept and clinical application to super alkalize the body in order to attain optimal health as well as prevent occurrence or recurrence of chronic diseases.  It is impossible to become over-alkalized to the point of detriment to the health of the body.  On the contrary, there is a continual need to super alkalize the body due to the excess acids that are taken into the body and/or generated via foods, beverages, and toxic environmental exposure.  The acidic residues or metabolic waste products from internal body combustion also contributes to the overall acid accumulation.  Thus to state that super alkalizing the body will homeostatically produce MORE acidic residues is a common misunderstanding because the real objective is to neutralize and eliminate the harmful EXCESS acids that are generated.  In fact super alkalizing the body will help slow the aging process, reverse chronic diseases, and improve overall health and vitality!

Many natural health enthusiasts believe nutritional supplements and the use of herbs will enhance their quest for optimal health or heal their chronic health problems.  While I am not against the use of nutritional supplements and herbs to help reduce unpleasant symptoms or enhance the effects of an optimal health program, they should not be used for long periods of time.  There are specific indications that may require the aid of nutritional supplements and/or herbs especially when there are clinically determined deficiencies that will influence the health outcomes.

Experience shows that supplements and herbs only encourage dependence and abuse and incur unnecessary high costs.  Already living and maintaining a vibrant healthy lifestyle is not cheap.

Due to potential complications, it is prudent to have your health condition managed back to vibrant health by an experienced licensed healthcare provider trained in nutritional/metabolic therapy.  Your prescription medications can be weaned off gradually by your medical doctor as your health improves along with favorable changes in the laboratory and/or imaging tests.

Yes, there is a big difference.  In general you exercise your way to physical fitness.  You eat your way to health!  Physical fitness and health are not equal.  But you need both and more when you are looking for vibrant health!  On the other hand, you can be physically fit but diseased!

Many who initially transition to the high raw vegan diet will note a drop in their energy levels, which is a common phenomena temporarily lasting from a few days to a few weeks.  The symptoms vary with individuals depending on their biochemical makeup.  Possible explanations for this temporary phenomena are as follows:

  • Eliminating highly stimulating toxic food lifestyle
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Increased detoxification or cleansing process
  • Diversion of energy to the cleansing process
  • When acid load builds up in the blood

Do not panic!  You can certainly do something but you will need guidance to get you out of this situation.  The cancer is not the problem but rather a solution to a cancerous environment in your body.  Removing the tumor will not make you cancer-free.  You must understand that your body has accumulated high levels of metabolic and dietary acids.  These are waste products and poisons that should have been dumped out but instead has been retained in your body in the form of encapsulation (tumor).  More tumors will form over time as acids continue to accumulate.   The liver is overwhelmed and your body is toxic.  At the same time you are not getting proper nourishment of food to your body, mind and spirit.

To reclaim your health, you will have to change your diet and lifestyle choices immediately.  Dr. Donato can guide you through the process of reversing the cancerous condition in your body.  Slowly your health will return if it is not too late.  But even if it is too late, you will still have a better quality of life to the end.  Remember, your body is “fearfully and wonderfully made” by God.  When supported in the right environment, your body will heal itself.  Just like a sprained ankle being nursed back to normal function by proper bracing, therapy and exercise, a good nutritional and dietary protocol with lifestyle change will naturally bring you back to vibrant health.  Just be patient, absorb the knowledge of natural health, be thankful that you have this opportunity to experience this challenge because it will make you a better person, ask God to give you wisdom, understanding and direction, and follow your “gut” feeling.

Yes.  Absolutely!  Arthritis pain (inflammation of the joints) is probably the most common complaint seen in a physical therapy or chiropractic clinic.  Conventional treatment for arthritis is anti-inflammatory medication, pain medication and physical therapy (heat, stretching, water exercise, gym exercise, strengthening and sometimes bracing) or chiropractic adjustments.  Conventional treatment will temporarily relieve the pain because movement increases circulation and may release some of the accumulated acids in the joints only to be deposited elsewhere.  That is why arthritis can also be associated with tendonitis (inflammation of the muscle tendon) and generalized joint pain.  Using business terminology, it is simply re-allocating the acids and toxins into another part of the body.  The cause is still not addressed until the arthritis sufferer stops eating acidic and toxic food and drinks such as animal products, grains, sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, sodas and coffee or tea.

That is the trillion dollar question!  To put it bluntly, you are worth a lot more “half dead” than if you are healthy or dead!  As long as you are “half dead” (that is to say, sick and diseased, or just not feeling good), you are a valuable commodity in the financial healthcare system.  It is a gigantic business that feeds on sick people.  Imagine if everyone wanted real health!  There will be massive lay-offs that will affect all business sectors!!  This will create a financially devastating “tsunami” that will ripple in the world economy.  That just cannot and will not happen.  It is not acceptable (at least to any business).

There are 4 types of people:  uneducated, ignorant, intelligent, and smart (wise).  Uneducated people are like sheep being led to the slaughter house.  They just go with the flow.  It is unfortunate because they just take the hit on any diseases that come their way.  Because they are usually financially challenged they cannot afford to be healthy.

For those who are ignorant about health (relying only on heresay and media), they go from one band wagon to another and never get anywhere in life.  When they are hit with serious diseases, they will default to the conventional healthcare approach.  If it is cancer, then they opt for the standard fare:  surgery, chemo and radiation.  It is sad because of the waste in money and quality of life due to poor decisions.

Then there are the intelligent people who understand health but are not smart or wise.  These people do not know how to apply knowledge.  They only rely on scientific research information that is 10-15 years behind what is currently known in the clinical and practical world.  They are usually well-educated, professionals, and even educators.  Since these people are locked into their paradigm they too will fall trap and opt for the conventional healthcare approach when hit with a life threatening disease.

The smart or wise person on the other hand will reason and question everything and because they are open to non-conventional healthcare options, they are willing to try less invasive and risky procedures.  They come from all walks of life, poor or rich.  These people are the ones most likely to achieve the highest quality of health and life.  They are independent minded and are not easy to deceive.

Fortunately, now you are more aware and are searching for truth.  And yes, if you are reading this page, you are very close to the truth, and knowing the truth will set you free from sickness and disease.