An 18 y/o female with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in September 2012 had ongoing symptoms of progressive arthritis for 2 years prior to the diagnosis

She came to see me in February 2013 for the initial Gerson Therapy consultation.  She had terminated school 2 months prior due to deteriorating health condition.  She was unable to walk independently.  She required hand held assistance to get around.  She walked very slowly and only within room distances at a time.  Her left wrist and foot had very limited mobility and function.  She started on the strict Gerson Therapy in late February 2013.  Her baseline hemoglobin was 10.3 in early January 2013.  Serum iron prior to starting the therapy was 18 (reference range is 35-155 ug/dL).  The rheumatoid factor was 223 (reference range <=14 IU/mL).  The inflammation marker erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) was 70 (reference range is 0-32 mm/hr).  1 month into the Gerson Therapy she already felt much better.  She was able to walk with minimal assistance from a family member.  She had a little more energy than when she started. But she still had difficulty waking up and required 10 hours sleep.  Her serum iron increased to 31 and the ESR reduced to 64.

4 months into the Gerson Therapy she was already going up and down the stairs at home (13 steps).  Interestingly she started having a regular monthly, which she has not had in a very long time.  The ESR reduced to 35.  In late October 2013 (over a year after the initial diagnosis) she is walking normally without any assistive device with the help of a few sessions of physical therapy rehabilitation upon my recommendation.  Her energy level is significantly increased.  She is sleeping well.  She gets up in the morning at 8 AM daily (used to be 11 AM).  Her ESR was 26, which is within normal limits.  The rheumatoid factor had reduced to 72.6 is expected to normalize by the summer of 2014.  But her activities of daily living are already normal.  Tentative plan is to be able to return to school in the spring of 2014.