In late July 2013 a 64 y/o female came to me with a history of undiagnosed multiple skin lesions, which she “diagnosed” as “skin cancer”.

She had been trying all sorts of natural remedies without seeking medical attention.  She even tried applying black salve to the lesions, which was painful, but did not resolve the recurring condition.  Finally she decided to try the Gerson Therapy.  Upon examination, she displayed several areas of skin damage by the frequent use of black salve and the ensuing inflammation that followed.  Her initial baseline lab showed abnormal liver function tests.  The alkaline phosphatase was 137 (reference range is 47-112 IU/L).  The AST was 225 (reference range is 0.40 IU/L.  The ALT was 498 (reference is 0-32 IU/L).  Ferritin was 409 (reference range is 15-150 ng/mL).  LDH was 225 (reference range is 0-214 IU/L).  Her vitamin D level was very low at 18.5 (reference range is 30-100 ng/mL).  I was mostly concerned about the condition of her liver.  The elevated ferritin and LDH gave me concern for possible malignancy.  I ordered an abdominal ultrasound to determine if there was structural evidence of a possible malignancy.  The ultrasound study was negative.  At any rate I stared her on the Gerson Therapy officially on August 1, 2013.


1 month into the Gerson Therapy repeat lab testing showed the following results:  Alkaline phosphatase 110 (normal).  AST 24 (normal).  ALT 22 (normal).  Ferritin 161 (still elevated but close to normal).  LDH 155 (normal).  This was a drastic but remarkable change within 4 weeks in the Gerson Therapy.  She felt significantly improved in her overall well-being and she could sense her health had improved greatly.  She also reported her skin felt smoother and plans to remain on the Gerson Therapy for a long time.  She has completed 4 months of the Gerson Therapy, and there has been no change in the lab tests, which are all within normal ranges.