In early January 2013 a 65 y/o female came to me for physical therapy and chiropractic treatment to her left frozen shoulder of 2 months duration.

Her average pain level was 4/10 intensity but easily went up to 10/10 intensity at the slightest “wrong movement”.  Her left shoulder range of motion for forward flexion was 100 degrees (normal is 180 degrees) and internal rotation was 45 degrees (normal is 90 degrees).  Due to severe pain and guarding she avoided using the left arm.  She was painfully miserable.  She tried applying external heat and cold packs but no relief of pain.  She received joint mobilization/manipulation, stretching and light exercises under my care but after receiving 12 treatment sessions from January 14 to February 28, she did not show any significant improvement functionally and was still in severe pain.  She even tried anti-inflammatory enzyme supplements but to no avail.  Prior to her release from therapeutic rehabilitation I informed her about the benefits of the Gerson Therapy in addressing chronic pain and inflammation.  On April 8, 2013 she came for the initial Gerson Therapy consultation.  I started her on a modified Gerson protocol for non-malignant case.  Her initial lab test showed the CRP high sensitivity inflammation marker at 36.92 (reference range is 0.00-3.00 ng/mL).  Her total cholesterol was 235 (reference range is <200 mg/dL).  The LDL (bad) cholesterol was 167 (reference range is <100 mg/dL).  Her initial weight was 153 pounds at her height of 5 feet 4 inches.  7 weeks into the strict Gerson Therapy repeat lab testing showed the CRP high sensitivity significantly reduced to 6.5.  The cholesterol level did not improve but rose to 249.  The LDL cholesterol rose to 183.  However she reported significant pain relief with accompanied improvement in left shoulder mobility.  She also lost 12.5 pounds (weighing at 140.5 pounds).  She was encouraged to continue on the Gerson Therapy.

6 weeks later on July 9, 2013 she returned for her second follow up appointment.  Her weight was 136 pounds.  Her total cholesterol reduced to 223.  The LDL was down to 147.  Her CRP high sensitivity was 0.91.  So within 12 weeks of staring the Gerson Therapy her inflammatory marker CRP high sensitivity went from 36.92 down to 0.91, which is a remarkable improvement with accompanied resolution of pain.  She no longer favored her right arm in her activities of daily living.  Her left shoulder range of motion was almost full (about 90 percent of normal).  So I convinced her to receive 3 treatment sessions of physical therapy focusing mainly on stretching exercises.  Because of the normal inflammatory marker, I discontinued monitoring it.  On her third  follow-up appointment on August 22, 2013, her weight was down to 129 pounds.  The total cholesterol was 173.  And the LDL cholesterol was 100.  So within 6 months her left shoulder impairment was fully restored to normal and was asymptomatic.  Her cholesterol was essentially normal.  And she lost 25 pounds in the process, weighing 128 pounds.  This is the first time I have seen a severe frozen shoulder fully recovered from the Gerson Therapy.  I have been a physical therapist since 1990 and I have not seen this kind of remarkable recovery.