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Why do People See a Doctor

One of the most common complaints, and the reason to see a doctor, is pain and/or loss of function.  Whether the symptom is due to arthritis, osteoporosis, angina, heart disease, cancer, headaches, migraines, neck and back pain or any pain-producing condition, the underlying problem is inflammation or toxemia.  Pain is only a warning signal.  In natural holistic health care, pain is perceived as “cellular cries” for help.  It is what makes a reasonable thinking person “do something” to correct the cause of the “cellular cries”.  But in the world of conventional health care, pain is an annoyance or inconvenience that needs to be stopped or eliminated.  The analogy to this scene is asking and paying the mechanic to cut the wire that is causing the annoying dummy light in the car’s dashboard to stay on.

Looking at the Symptoms, Not the Cause

Instead of understanding the causes of the “cellular cries”, conventional health care, through ignorance, and quite possibly for monetary gain, wants to block out the only means for the body to tell you something needs to be fixed or there will be more serious consequences down the road.

In other words, instead of addressing the cause, conventional health care treats the effects.  So they prescribe an analgesic to block out the pain; they prescribe an anti-inflammatory to stop the inflammation and healing; they prescribe an anti-diarrhea to stop the diarrhea, which is your body’s way of eliminating the poisons; they prescribe antibiotics (anti “life”) to destroy the pathogens (and also your good bacteria), and then they prescribe anti-depressants to force the body’s system to be “happy and forget the troubles”.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
– Thomas Edison

Pain is treated as a disease rather than recognizing the disease as a symptom.  So when the pain is alleviated, the disease must have been eliminated or is it?  On the contrary, the acidic waste products and poisons in the body continue to accumulate and allowed to gradually erode and destroy cells, tissues and organs under the “radar” as it were since the symptoms or warning signals have been suppressed or changed by medications.  In the meantime an insidious problem such as a slow growing cancer continues to invade and destroy healthy cells undetected until there is a loss of organ or body function, which brings the person sometimes years later to see a health care provider.   And then the sad news is it might be too late to fix the problem.

The Reality of Current Treatment

The reality is pain, and/or loss of function, along with other symptoms associated with decreased health such as low energy, sleeplessness, overeating, cravings, depression, excessive perspiration, constipation, migraines, and nausea are all related to physiological disturbances in the body.  In simple terms, the cells are crying for help.  The internal body disturbances are normally self-corrected, known as homeostasis or auto-regulation.  However, this homeostatic mechanism can be thrown off-balance when the internal disturbances outweigh the body’s resources for self-correction.  Since the “cellular cries” have been blocked out by symptom suppressors (medication), most people in industrialized countries following the western lifestyle will die of a disease.  Only few actually live healthy and die healthy of old age.

Philosophy for Long-Term Health

Dr. Donato’s philosophy in promoting the RECOVERY OF HEALTH is as follows:

  • Emphasis on organic, raw, fresh vegetable juices and green smoothies
  • Emphasis on electron-rich, micro-clustered, high pH (9.5-10 pH) water
  • Emphasis on wild edibles
  • Emphasis on organic, whole plant food naturally low in sugar
  • Emphasis on a high alkaline diet
  • Emphasis on a comprehensive, full-body detoxification program
  • Emphasis on de-acidification of the body
  • Emphasis on lifestyle modification
  • Use of herbs and nutritional supplements when indicated
  • Balancing of the mind, body and spirit
  • Eliminating all processed foods
  • Eliminating all stimulants
  • Eliminating emotional toxins

“And God said, behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed [vegetables], which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

– Gen. 1:29

Disclaimer: The above information is intended for educational purposes and personal health improvement and not to diagnose and treat specific health conditions. The above information is not exclusive to Dr. Donato’s clinic but from publicly accessible data. Consult a qualified health care professional when pursuing nutritional therapy to improve health.